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Choose your pricing plan

  • Fleet Truck 4 Pack

    Every month
    Complete Interior and Exterior wash on 4 trucks a month
    • Fleet Trucks
  • Full Service Maintenance Membership

    Every 90 days
    Monthly Maintenance with Full Service package
    • Interior and Exterior will be maintained every 90 days
    • Signature Full Service Completed within past 90 days
    • Maintenance Plans are for Existing Customers Only
  • Wholesale Contracts

    Every month
    Car sales lots, auto body shops, rentals etc
    Valid for 3 months
    • Maximum of 4 cars per day, interior only
    • Up to 10 cars per month at the same location
    • $125 per car unless extreme conditions exist
    • Must be scheduled as full days with a 2 car/day minimum
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