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  • Classic Interior Detail

    Air purge and Vacuum Clean/Spot Treat Floors, Mats and Seats* Minor Spot and Stain removal Steam Clean Dash, Steering Column, Console, Seatbelts, Cracks & Crevices Clean Door Jambs Clean Windows and Glass UV Protect and Polish interior trim *Any machine extraction to floors, seats and/or carpets may carry an additional fee depending on condition. ----Please Allow 2-3 hours to complete

  • Wheel Well Wash and Dress Tires

    Brake dust and road filth is not just ugly, it will destroy your wheels if left unchecked. Tire cleaning lifts away stuck-on brake dust and road grime with concentrated suspension technology. Oxygen-infused cleaners and slick lubricants guide filth off the wheel and into a foaming lather that will not scratch sensitive surfaces when scrubbing with a brush.

  • Signature Full Service Detail

    Pressurized Pre Wash Foam Blanket Contact Wash and Rinse Paint Enhancing Dry or Wet Polish/Wax Clean and Shine Rims, Wheels, and Dress Tires Bug and Tar Removal Door Jambs Wheel Wells Windows and Mirrors In and Out Apply Water Repellant to Exterior Glass UV Protect and Polish Exterior Trim and Chrome Brighten Headlights Minor Buffing of small Scuffs (not Scratches) on paint and/or Trim Air purge and Vacuum Remove (a reasonable amount of) Pet Hair Spot Treat Headliner if needed Machine Extract/ Power Wash and Protect Floors and Mats Deep Clean Seats and Seat Belts (Leather or Upholstered) Steam Clean and Sanitize Interior Components and all Surfaces Clean Door Jambs Clean Windows and Glass Inside and Out UV Protect and Polish interior trim and dash Freshen Air **Please Allow for up to 5 hours

  • Overspray Removal- Without Detail

    Always using only the best of different overspray specific removal products along with synthetic clay and/or a standard clay bar, remove various types of overspray on new or old vehicles. spray paint vandalized vehicles, decal/sticker removal, tar removal, heavy mud, etc. Will rinse and gently wash using an oil-based cleaner to then remove any residue. Spray polish and buff by hand. *Must provide before pictures and a price * **This is a starting price and the final price will be determined on a case-by-case basis. ***Before and After photos will be taken upon arrival and be provided upon completion. ****Quote must be approved in order to schedule. Will travel within reason and work with 3rd party vendors or dealerships. *$45 fee if there is no access to water or power on site. $55 fee if the job site is more than 50 miles in any direction from North Metro Denver.

  • Headlight Restoration

    Headlight restoration lengthens your line of sight. This improvement makes driving at night and in inclement weather far safer due to your added reaction time. A cloudy headlight is not the first thing someone may notice about an older car, but restoring them immediately improves your car's overall appearance. Not only is restoration a relatively cost-effective service, but the alternative of a complete replacement is far more costly!

  • Clay Bar & Polish

    Remove contaminants from your vehicle's paint and restore shine with hand polish. Clay barring is an essential step in the detailing process for your vehicle's paint job and should not be skipped. The process involves using a clay bar to remove contaminants from your car's paint such as brake dust, sap, and tar can embed into the paint, causing it to feel rough and look dull.

  • Exterior Black Trim Restoration

    We extensively clean the vehicles exterior trim and plastics and apply trim polish, bringing back the color to the dull or fading plastic areas of your vehicle."

  • Leather Conditioning

    Leather and vinyl surfaces in vehicles can be quite susceptible to drying and cracking. This is exactly why we use a specially formulated PH balanced cleaner that can clean the leather without drying it out. Once clean, we rub a leather conditioner in that replaces the oils and moister lost over time, restoring the elasticity and softness of the leather and vinyl as well as protects it from UV damage and further cracking.

  • Extreme Interior Restore and Protect

    Please Allow for 4+ hours Trash Removal Air Purge and Vacuum Dirt and Debris Pressure Wash or Machine Extract Carpets Seats and Floor Mats Agitate and remove dirt under the mat and around the seats Deep Clean and Protect Seats (Leather or Upholstered) Vacuum Back Hatch or Trunk Steam Clean, Sanitize Dash, Steering Column, Console, Seatbelts, Cracks & Crevices, Etc Deep Clean Door Panels, Cup Holders, Glove Box & Side Pockets Clean Inner Door & Trunk Jambs UV Protect and Polish all Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic Interior Trim Clean Windows and Mirrors In and Out

  • Classic Exterior Detail

    Pressurized Pre Rinse Foam Blanket Bug and Tar Removal Contact Wash and Towel Dry Clean Wheels, Rims and Dress Tires Clean Windows and Glass In and Out Clean Door Jambs **Please Allow for up to 2 hours

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